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Tired of all the hyper-partisanship?
Let's do something about it!

Our National Conversation

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There are Many Ways to Support OUR NATIONAL CONVERSATION

 ONC is recognized as a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization.


Others have asked if they can buy bulk books (see "Let's Fix America," on Amazon) that we will send to members of congress, the media, think tanks, etc.  Yes, anything is possible. 


Still others have inquired about sponsoring individual interns, providing a stipend. Many of our interns don't come from a place of privilege and this would be very much appreciated.  If you want to host only conservative students, or moderate students, or liberal students, we can do that, too.  We will do our best to keep everything in balance. 


Maybe you'd like to sponsor or co-host one of our events. There is no limit to what we can do together.  Get in touch and let's talk.


At ONC, we will not be endorsing candidates.  Nor do we take "hard" positions on any issues. We are completely neutral, completely nonpartisan.  Our role is simply to host the conversation. We do hope people in high places pay attention.  Maybe they will see an idea posted on our site that strikes them as a good idea.


But remaining neutral, fair and balanced is like religion to us. If an advertiser or donor has any desire to influence us in one direction or another -- or influence coverage -- they are encouraged to go elsewhere.  Thank you for your understanding.


Want to contact us? Visit our Contact Page

Let's Get America
Talking Again

Join us at Our National Conversation (ONC) and be a part of the solution. We believe that by providing young people with the resources they need to better understand the issues affecting our society, together we can create real change. We are powered by America’s youth and invite you to join us, whether it be through a donation, hosting or attending a dialogue, or simply raising your voice to support the important work that we do.


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