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Another Lesser-known Nation Gained Followers Via Social Media

Many small nations lack the size and reach to formulate international appeal. This appeal generates support for policies, funding and economic opportunity.


For example, many YouTubers have made Palau a go-to destination despite being relatively unknown. Or, look at Barbados, which Rihanna has made into a popular tourist spot.


Whether it be a country or territory, developing a public following is the easiest it has ever been thanks to social media. This week, social media brought a new country into the spotlight: Kiribati.


Kiribati is known among geography fans for having a location in all four hemispheres, city names on its atoll like Paris, London, Poland, and Banana, and the first inhabited place to experience the New Year.


Millions of X (Twitter) users discovered these Kiribatian attractions when a profile called the Republic of Kiribati started posting and replying on X last week. Following their viral posts, eager travelers and investors are now planning trips to Kiribati and looking into business opportunities there.


While their national government denied association with this account, they appear to be enjoying their week of fame. However, this is not the first time small nations have used media to their advantage.


Debateably the most successful instance is Monaco which used film, literature and a famous marriage to garner attention to its microstate with the world-renowned quarter: Monte Carlo and its casino. Whether it is through James Bond or the countless sporting activities including its famed Grand Prix, Monaco has elevated itself into the world's most known micro-state following the Vatican City.


Social media creates a dynamic where anyone can have their name in the sun if enough people interact with a post, which is why many nations and their citizens use these techniques to inform audiences about their opportunities and struggles.

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