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RFK Jr. and former Ambassador Nikki Haley Falter

Former Ambassador Haley and RFK Jr. have had a worrying February so far.


The polls show former Ambassador Haley losing in nearly every state primary.


She suffered a very humiliating disaster on February 6th when she failed to win the Nevada Primary with 60% of the vote going to none of the candidates available. This was due to former President Trump's absence from the primary ballot. 


Meanwhile, with Haley’s absence from the Nevada Caucus ballot, President Trump won with 99.1% of the vote.


Then the former president won the U.S. Virgin Islands Primary earning over 69% of the first ballot and 74% of the second ballot votes, plus all the delegates. 


These results gave former President Trump a 63 to 17 delegate lead and over 59% of the total vote compared to former Ambassador Haley’s 32.6% of the vote.


The next primary will be South Carolina where Nikki Haley served as governor but is still expected to lose.


On the Democratic side of the election, RFK Jr. is the main challenger despite being an independent. This is due to electoral technicalities and strategy as RFK Jr. began his campaign as a Democrat.


In November, a Quinnipiac Poll anticipated RFK Jr. would win 22% of the national vote, but his popularity has greatly diminished since. The same poll put him at just 14% on January 31st.


Then, RFK Jr. had possibly his biggest campaign blunder yet when an ad for him in the Super Bowl led to an official apology by him. This is because the ad was nearly a complete copy of his uncle President John F. Kennedy's ad that propelled him to the White House in the 1960 election. Thus, many Kennedy Family members were very upset that their good image would be used to support RFK Jr. without approval. This ad was a chance for RFK Jr. to rival President Biden and former President Trump, but instead, it made people more supportive of the two main candidates. 


These results have led to experts writing in President Biden and former President Trump as the only two likely candidates to win, diminishing any would-be challenges from both Nikki Haley and RFK Jr.


Therefore, both challengers will need a big push into March or risk greater irrelevance, especially Haley who will be running in her home state's primary on the 24th.


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