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Satire: To vote or not to vote

Updated: Jul 5

To say the first 2024 presidential debate was disappointing would be a gross understatement. While many hoped for entertaining jabs between America’s highest-profile senior citizens, the debate, if it can be called that, was dryer than President Joe Biden’s voice. 

Vice President Kamala Harris even remarked that the debate had a “slow start but it was a strong finish.” I wonder if she was watching the same debate as the rest of the country. 

“Making two geriatrics argue in front of the entire country at 9 P.M. is diabolical,” a spectator shared on X. As for Biden, it had become glaringly obvious that it was far past his bedtime as he fought to keep his eyes open towards the entire end of the debate. 

Former President Donald Trump said what we were all thinking when he responded to his opponent’s response: “I don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence; I don’t even think he knows what he said either."

While Biden spent the majority of the debate mumbling unintelligibly and comically trying to keep his eyes open, Trump capitalized on his allotted time by mewing at the cameras, bragging about being the best president for minorities and turning half the questions into opportunities to berate Biden on the border crisis.

The devil may work hard, but the fact-checkers were working on overdrive to verify Trump’s numerous misinformed and exaggerated statements. Though prominent Republicans celebrated the former president’s witty responses, fact-checkers proved that the list of Trump’s lies was surprisingly longer than his list of felony counts.

The biggest loser of the first presidential debate was undoubtedly the American populace, which now finds itself without a suitable candidate for office. It’s difficult to hope for a bright future when the candidates for the most powerful political position in the world are busy calling each other childish insults like “the worst president of all time” and an “alley cat” on national television. 

I suggest that the two nominees take their next debate to the golf course. Winner-take-all.

Acknowledgment: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the individual author.

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Mame Thiam
Mame Thiam
6 days ago

I love your take on the topic, as well as the humor you used throughout the article. It made the read more interesting and engaging. I also shared your opinions regarding the presidential debate the took place, and it makes me wonder is this is the year for the 3rd party. Both candidates are highly unqualified, but America tends to stick between the 2 parties. It will be interesting to see how this years elections will turn out.


Hi Jasneh. I loved your piece you offer a very unique style of writing that I find to be witty, hilarious and captivating. I loved the line "Fact-checkers proved that the list of Trump's lies was surprisingly longer than his list of felony counts" HAHAH . This was a very good discussion as Americans especially the younger generation does not approve of either major parties candidate choices and we have been struggling when it comes to being politically involved since politics especially since we reached voting age (2016 era) failed to address our political concerns or even have any sort of coherent direction. I thoroughly enjoyed your piece and I think you make a great journalist!


Hi Jasneh! I had a good laugh reading this. It was definitely frustrating watching the two geriatrics argue like children on national television, but if there was nothing at stake, it would definitely make some great reality TV. Great insights, and I would love to see Trump and Biden battle it out on the golf course like they talked about in their debate.


Love this piece Jasneh! You really summed up what most of Gen Z felt watching the debate and how they ended up responding to it. I saw the post on X that you referenced on my own feed and laughed about it so it was awesome to see it here in this article as well since I think it is a platform that so many of us use to really voice our opinions but is so often overlooked by older generations. Really entertaining and engaging article overall, great job!

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