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The Fox/Dominion Settlement

Updated: Mar 25

May a new era in journalism begin.

I'm old-fashioned when it comes to news. I like it straight. I like opinions to be contained in an opinion program—labeled as opinion—and not mixed in with the news. 

I really can't stand it when people just make stuff up because it will attract attention. Too many of our politicians—and news personalities—do this. So a big part of me is thrilled that Fox has to pay out a lot of money to Dominion. I have a feeling Fox will now tone down its fact-bending. If anchors tell falsehoods, there could be a very real price to pay.

I'm sure news executives at CNN, MSNBC, OAN, NewsMax and others are paying attention, too. Are they truly pure? We might be at the beginning of a new era of journalism, in which facts and truth matter much more than they have in recent years.

Back in August of 2021, I wrote a column, "Personal Responsibility for Lies: What a Concept!" I suggested people who knowingly tell lies would be forced to pay a fine, like a traffic ticket. That got an interesting discussion started.

Some were opposed because it seemed to them like some form of "thought police" would be required to figure out who's lying and who's not. Others loved the idea.

I think some of the biggest lies of all are what our media outlets—often with an obvious political agenda—don't tell us.

I have some very conservative friends who like to rip liberals and liberal media every chance they get. I view myself as moderate, but that's too liberal as far as these folks are concerned. I'm often forced into ridiculous arguments about what's really going on out there—like the facts themselves are in dispute.  

In recent months, during these exchanges, I noticed something strange—my conservative friends had NO CLUE there was a big lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News. Every time I brought this up, they just kind of looked at me quizzically, like they didn't know what I was talking about.

How could they possibly not know? This lawsuit was all over the news—except at Fox. They didn't know because Fox wouldn't discuss this, and Fox is all they watch.

I find it equally startling that my liberal friends have no idea what's going on when it comes to allegations about Hunter Biden, his laptop, his taxes and various money schemes.

Why would Chinese and Ukrainian companies pay Hunter Biden hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual fees for sitting on their boards? Hunter Biden is known for all kinds of personal problems—he's hardly board of director material. 

And why would rich Americans pay up to $500K for a mediocre painting by Hunter Biden in privately held art auctions that aren't open to the media? Could it be that his last name is Biden?

You don't hear about Hunter Biden on MSNBC or CNN. But he's a huge story on Fox. 


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