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The Presidential Argument

The presidential debate was nothing short of painful. Initially, I was intrigued to see the outcome of the debate due to its new format. However, I quickly lost sight of the format and developed deep concern regarding the future of our country. 

The moderators posed topical questions on a range of topics including foreign policy, climate change, immigration, the economy and abortion. These questions had the potential to grab the attention of Gen Z who had little prior intention of voting in this year's election. However, the reports show the debate only amplified existing hopelessness. Biden appears to have lost the confidence of young voters while Trump’s party is ecstatic about his performance. 

Biden's expression was vacant when he was not spoken to. His voice was weak and interspersed with coughs. He struggled to finish sentences and seemed to lack a coherent train of thought at multiple points in the debate. It was painful to watch. I had hoped to hear more from him about climate change, foreign policy and the economy but his positions on political issues were lost in his presentation and his defense against Trump.

On the other side, Trump dodged questions and failed to present comprehensive plans for any topics addressed. Additionally, he lied repeatedly and derailed the debate with pointed aggression. His strategy involved tearing Biden down instead of explaining his position on political issues. 

What was missing in this debate was the debate itself. Neither side was able to effectively communicate or address the political topics posed to them. The American public received a show of haphazard arguments that strayed away from relevant topics. I’m frustrated and genuinely embarrassed. As a Nation, we are scrambling and woefully aware that the world is watching. 

Acknowledgment: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the individual author.

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Ellie Bai
Ellie Bai
3 days ago

Hi Alexis, Great work! I enjoyed reading your piece as it thoroughly examined the problems and deficiencies with the presidential debate. What particularly resonated with me was your point about the debate failing to serve as a means of communicating both sides' opinions on political questions. As a result, those watching it might feel disappointed and concerned, as reflected in the reactions and comments.

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