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U.S. Policy Toward Palestine Since Oct. 7

Since the Hamas attacks on Oct. 7, 2023, the U.S. has mostly refused to condemn the responses of Israel publicly. However, President Biden has reportedly pressured Israel to stop many of their actions privately.

In contrast, many Muslim-majority nations have come out in support of Palestine publicly, while they reportedly have shown less support of Palestine privately.

This follows a continual trend within the Muslim and Western worlds where both sides must stick to their public allies despite their concern for the other.

For example, the U.S. has continually vetoed other nations’ U.N. Security Council proposals for an Israeli ceasefire in support of Israel, while also caring for the Palestinian people in other ways.

For one, the Biden Presidential Administration has sanctioned Israeli individuals and entities involved in settlement building on Palestinian land in the West Bank that are committed to attacks on Palestinian civilians. 

America has also airdropped aid to Palestinian people trapped in Gaza as their borders have been closed to Egypt.

Lastly, U.S. officials in the U.N. Security Council brought their own ceasefire plans that were vetoed by Russia and the People's Republic of China on Friday, March 22. According to American sources, the U.S. ceasefire plans differ from other nations’ proposals because it is focused on both condemning Hamas and releasing their hostages while also stopping the bombing of Gaza by Israel.

This is in spirit with the future agreement the U.S. is hoping to strike in Doha, Qatar where Hamas's leadership is based.

Other nations’ proposals are accused of being too light on Hamas or not including likely guarantees to release hostages held by Hamas, while the U.S.’s ceasefire was criticized for being too light on Israel.

There have been countless more acts, especially in private that have shown American solidarity with Palestine, but U.S. support for Israel still remains the public priority.

More so, across much of the Muslim world, America is seen as the nation supporting Israel’s killings of innocent Palestinians in Gaza. 

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