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Where Are You, Gen Z?

ALL EYES WERE ON ATLANTA  as two of the leading presidential candidates, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump took the stage without a cordial handshake or acknowledgment of one other. 

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden on the CNN debate stage Thursday night.

Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Published by Variety Magazine.

They extensively discussed crucial topics, but, specifically to the dismay of Gen Z, they left out many clear issues including but not limited to gun violence, LGBTQ+ issues and our infrastructure. The issues debated were mostly limited to the border crisis, foreign affairs with Russia and, of course, the foremost issue at hand: our economy.

Uniquely, however, even far left Liberals agree that Trump seemed more collected and professional than Biden. His responses were messy and bogged down with jumbled thoughts in response to hard-hitting questions. One White House official reflecting on Biden's performance, “I’ve never seen a freakout like this." Additionally, Biden was also seen laughing during inappropriate moments, including when Trump was describing the deaths on the border and in Ukraine over the last three years. Even the Wall Street Journal’s homepage is flooded with articles noting the President’s failure last night. 

Courtesy of the WSJ Online Homepage as of June 28, 2024

Trump’s answers included boastful statements, yes, but more importantly, answers to how he will bolster the economy and America’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with. While Trump relied on statistics, Biden mentioned articles of misinformation. Furthermore, Biden cowered when World War Three was mentioned, which was alarming, especially to the generations fighting in it, should it occur. While Biden’s speech was clear enough to understand, we heard him give up on our country and bluntly deny the catastrophic reality America faces. There was one clear winner last night, and it wasn’t our President.

So many of us are tired of being told what to think. We are tired of being told who to vote without having an ethical politician in the running. At Our National Conversation, we offer opinion pieces like this one, unbiased civil ed., panel discussions and ways you can do something about it- all while thinking for yourself. We need to mobilize our votes now more than ever and ask ourselves, “Who is going to help where I need it most?” If you care about the future of our country, it is your responsibility to use the most powerful asset you have as an American: your vote. 

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