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Terms of Use


At ONC, we want to foster a healthy, solutions-oriented dialogue about politics and public policy.  We are nonpartisan and welcome all views, respectfully stated.  When posting comments, articles or proposals at ONC, please keep them intelligent, respectful and fact-based.  At ONC, we can disagree, but let's not be disagreeable.

We also appreciate good writing and will delete or edit posts that have spelling/grammar/factual errors.  If English is not your first language, or if you are not a writer, we might be able to work with you, pairing you up with an editor.  Ask about this.  Or you can find a friend to go over your submissions before sending them in.

If you do want to write for us, or post comments, take the following into account:

  • No name-calling.

  • No bad language.

  • No personal attacks.

  • No harassing or stalking of fellow community members.

  • No misinformation.

  • No editorial conflicts of interest (if you are getting paid by someone to post articles -- which might be fine, if you work for a publication, a university, a think tank, a candidate, a political organization or a lobbying organization, you must disclose this at the top of your article). 

  • At ONC, we treat everyone with respect. 

Thank you for your willingness to abide by these guidelines.  This makes for a better experience for all.


Any questions or concerns?  Send an email to

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